At David Clark Company, we have the capability to design and manufacture products having the most demanding specifications. Our accomplishments in aerospace crew protective equipment attest to these capabilities. We have advanced the art of joining material, from stitching and cementing to the most demanding process specifications, including RF (radio frequency) and ultrasonic sealing. Our machining and stamping operations utilize the very latest manufacturing equipment, incorporating advanced computer technology to guarantee exact tolerances. 

We have been molding and vacuum forming plastic materials for over 40 years, making parts ranging from connectors and switches to earcups and helmet visors. Similarly, we have developed a high level of expertise in electronics and electroacoustics with state-of-the-art design and engineering resources.

The demanding specifications to which our products must conform originate from some equally demanding sources: NASA, USAF, DOD, FAA, OSHA, FDA, RTCA and EC (CE), just to name a few. This, of course, demands that we have a quality assurance system of the highest level and that we test, test and test some more. Our facilities for testing headsets, aerospace crew equipment, medical products and other systems for use in the wide range of environments they may encounter are the very best, using equipment and technology developed in-house when not available elsewhere. 

We are proud of our capabilities because we know they brought us to where we are and will take us where we want to go. Thus, our future is in our own hands, just where we want it.