Warrior Dual Comm Push-To-Talk

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The WARRIOR push-to-talk is a hybrid of our DOMINATOR II PTT. It was designed to allow for comms with up to 3 devices simultaneously. All cable assemblies are plug & play in design - the operator can disconnect and store away any cables not necessary for specific missions. The WARRIOR is used by virtually all of the Federal tactical teams in the United States who do not employ the DOMINATOR II comms suite.

The Warrior PTT features dual inboard shrouded actuation switches. It is affixed to a vest via dual steel MOLLE clips mounted to a back plate with zip tie loops on all four corners. An optional rotating alligator clips is also available by request

The WARRIOR PTT features three AMC connectors mounted to the PTT housing. Pictured here is the red colored connector - this is the connection point for cable options including General Aviation ICS, DOD ICS, OSPREY -22 ICS and smartphones among others

The various headsets we offer, that are compatible with the WARRIOR PTT, connect to this 5 conductor cabled Nexus female assembly we designed and manufacture. We over-mold the raw Nexus assembly and include our cap assembly designed to prevent dust, dirt and water ingress when not connected to a headset.