VIPER Programmable QUAD Comm Push-to-Talk

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Coming Late Sprint 2019 - The VIPER QUAD Comm Push-to-Talk was developed to give demanding operators the ability to communicate via multiple assets. The VIPER Push-to-Talk is completely programmable - providing the operator the ability to program each individual PTT switch to activate various comms platforms.

The VIPER QUAD Comms Push-to-Talk was developed to meet the requirements/needs of operators wanting to pair a 'smart programmable' PTT with our headset product mix and associated plug and play cable assemblies. With all of its capabilities, the VIPER PTT measures a compact 2.75" T x 2.50" W x 1.25" D. The VIPER was designed for ground / air operations as well as surface swimming.

The VIPER features twin inboard and twin outboard recessed PTT actuation switches. The two PTT switches shown here face inboard when worn on a MOLLE vest. These two switches were programmed, at the request of a specific client, to control a primary and secondary body worn radio. If only one body worn radio is connected, the headset will receive incoming radio signals through both ear cups. If both body worn radios are connected, the incoming radio signals are automatically split -- primary radio in left ear and secondary radio in right ear.