SHIELD Push-to-Talk

The SHIELD Push-to-Talk / Control Housing designed for the SHIELD In-the-Ear communication's headset is also compatible with the Atlantic Signal Below H20 Maritime Headset as well as the company's ComTac V and ComTac VI urban headsets. 10 meter / 10 hour
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While the SHIELD Control Housing / PTT was designed in concert with the company's SHIELD In-the-Ear Communication headset, (see 'HEADSETS' section of website for details) the PTT is also compatible with the company's ComTac V and VI urban headsets as well as our maritime Below H20 headset. The SHIELD PTT is manufactured of polycarbonate / ABS with a black TPE over-mold. It's overall ergonomic size measurements are 4.39" x 2.67" x 1.18". The rear side features a blackened, steel, adjustable MOLLE clip for mounting to a load bearing equipment vest.

The SHIELD PTT was designed to handle two portable radios including those manufactured by THALES, Trellisware, HARRIS RF and Silvus as well as law enforcement portables and standard 6 pin military radios. The SHIELD PTT can monitor up to 2 nets simultaneously plus the addition of a connected smartphone or ICS cable. The radio PTT actuation switches face inboard when worn and the twin outboard actuation switches act as a portable radio volume control

The face of the SHIELD PTT features both an up and down button for controlling the ambient environmental awareness of the SHIELD earpieces when used with the PTT.