SHIELD In-the-Ear Comms System

21st Century In-the-Ear Comms Solution featuring a pair of custom earmolds to prevent ear fatigue and dislodging. Electronic Hearing Protection and Ambient Amplification. Noise canceling boom microphone for clear and concise TX capabilities.
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The SHIELD Communication System features a noise canceling boom microphone that can be positioned on the left or right side of the face when worn. We chose a boom microphone over an in-the-ear bone or air microphone to ensure clear and concise voice transmission of crucial communications. In-the-ear mics can easily move out of position without the wearer knowing and therefore, when transmitting, the comms can be muffled or unintelligible to intended transmission receiver(s).

The SHIELD's earpieces fit comfortably in the ear. An outer foam windscreen (as shown) filters out ambient wind noise allowing outward facing microphones to accurately and concisely pick up environmental sounds outside the ear canals. The amplification levels of the earpieces can be controlled from the SHIELD control housing (aka push-to-talk). Further, the SHIELD System has dynamic or active hearing protection that features level-dependent electronic sound reduction - an excellent blend of capabilities for the operator who regularly finds his/herself in fluctuating levels of loud environmental noise.