Below H20 Single Comm Maritime PTT

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Based upon the company's success with our Invictus line of tactical push-to-talks, we developed a maritime version rated for up to 20 meters of submersion. The Below H20 single comm PTT was designed to meet two crucial military specifications - 20 meters of fresh/saltwater exposure for 2 hours and 10 meters of fresh / salt water exposure for 10 hours

The Below H20 PTT's ergonomic design fits comfortably in the palm when grasped - allowing the thumb to line up perfectly for depression and release. The blackened steel MOLLE clip, on the backside, can be removed via twin mounting screws and re-positioned on the front for left handed trigger pullers.

The Below H20 PTT actuation switch is shrouded to address A/D issues caused by contact with other key operational equipment. The switching mechanism was designed with adequate pressure characteristics to avoid accidental actuation under water at depth - causing unintentional radio battery drain