Below H20 Dual Comm Maritime Push-To-Talk

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The Below H20 dual comm push-to-talk was designed, developed and is manufactured by Atlantic Signal for maritime applications including law enforcement, military and search and rescue. The Below H20 line of PTTs were designed primarily for our Below H20 and Amphibious Assault headsets. Actuation switches are shrouded to address A/D issues. A blackened steel MOLLE clip is affixed to the backside of the PTT but can be removed and re-oriented on the opposite side of the PTT housing to accommodate both left and right handed trigger pullers. The Below H20 PTT is rated for 2 hours / 20 meters and 10 hours / 10 meters fresh and saltwater exposure.

We designed the Below H20 with ergonomics in mind to allow for ease of palming or gripping the PTT body in the dark or when hands are numb from extreme exposure

Switches are shrouded to avoid A/D issues. The rear mounted MOLLE clip can be unscrewed from the Below H20 housing backside and mounted to the front to provide left handed shooters inboard switch positioning