Serenity DPC+

Hearing protection with radio/phone communication

Serenity DPC+ combines electronic level-dependent hearing protection with a sturdy integrated radio/phone communication headset. Now featuring plus-level (+) technology for enhanced listening comfort.

This system best suits users who work in fluctuating loud noise environments but still demand clear two-way radio or cellphone/cordless phone communication with colleagues, including staff who work at heavy industry plants, rescue teams, firefighters, airport workers and more.

In short, Serenity DPC+ combines the intelligent attenuation (in-ear noise reduction) offered by Serenity DP+ with your choice of portable two-way radio or phone compatibility.

  • Dynamic hearing protection with radio/phone communication
  • Automatic attenuation of dangerous sounds including 'impulse' noises (i.e. shots and crashes)
  • Transmission of speech, not surrounding noise
  • Natural hearing at quiet times (with adjustable ambient volume)
  • Easy localization of warning signals

The Serenity DPC+ hearing protection system is fully modular, meaning its ear shells can easily be unclicked and used with in any other Serenity system (except Serenity Classic).