Peltor COMTAC V Horizontal

All New for 2019!
The COMTAC V, available exclusively through Atlantic Signal and our authorized distributors, is the NEXT GENERATION tactical circum-aural headset. The new horizontal frame model addresses those clients who own ACH and ECH helmet models among other mid-cut styles where a vertical frame model is too cumbersome or uncomfortable. A noise canceling, ambidextrous boom microphone, environmental microphones with enhanced SA, gel ear cup seals along with new shielded circuitry and wiring to help prevent cross-talk and RF/EMI Interference are all standard . An all new headset down-lead cable connector designs allows for seamless use with both single and dual comm push-to-talks. One of the most exciting new features is the all-new Advanced Voice-Guided Equalizer to help customize the listening experience.

Product Description

Designed and developed over a 2-year period to specifically address and overcome the unique issues associated with today's digital and multi-band portable radios used by both law enforcement and military operators.

Taking advantage of the 3M/Peltor COMTAC headset's overwhelming successful sales history (over 800,000 COMTAC IIIs alone,) we're proud to introduce the next generation of COMTAC headset - the COMTAC V (available in both a vertical and horizontal - as shown - model)