Tieline Technology

Tieline is a global leader in covert audio surveillance and video and audio surveillance management solutions, working exclusively with top level Intelligence agencies, Defense, and Law Enforcement from around the globe.

Since 1989 Tieline has been at the forefront in developing miniature audio (Over The Horizon) surveillance technology that connects and remote controls some of the world’s best listening device technology to deliver secure, high fidelity FM stereo and multichannel audio over any distance.

Tieline’s range of robust, high quality audio signal repeaters are unsurpassed in their ability to provide secure critical intelligence anywhere, anytime time over wired and wireless IP, 3G, Satellite, POTS and ISDN. They are capable of being used for static surveillance of premises, hostage negotiations and intelligence gathering, through to vehicle deployments for in-car bugging.

Tieline also offers Agencies one of the world's most advanced evidence grade network surveillance management systems, capable of monitoring and remote controlling full frame rate video from a variety of camera deployments over IP networks. The system can also record and monitor high fidelity audio from a variety of mobile or static listening devices in real-time, over any distance in a secure environment. While providing case management facilities to assist with the collection, formulating and searching of evidence.

Tieline can assist Agencies in delivering measurable improvements in efficiencies through the access and retrieval of information, dissemination of data and remote controllability of surveillance devices from single or multiple networked locations. All solutions are customizable and highly scalable to meet the exacting requirements and standards that are necessary for law enforcement surveillance, homeland security, military, border protection, airports, mass transit, shipping ports, and critical infrastructure security.

  • Audio over IP
  • 3G
  • Satellite
  • GSM
  • ISDN
  • X.21
  • WiMAX