Serenity SPC

Serenity SPC
Serenity SPC

Serenity SPC is a static (passive) hearing protection system with built-in radio/phone communication, designed for use in the most demanding of constant-noise environments.

Serenity SPC passive hearing protection with phone/radio communication

Compatible with professional radios/walkie talkies, cellphones and cordless landline telephones, SPC features a highly durable headset with noise-cancelling boom microphone for reliably clear outgoing phone transmissions.

SPC's custom hearing protection component is its clinical nylon Phonak eShells. These in-ear shells feature acoustic filters to attenuate the surrounding noise (reducing it in the ear), while the shape of each eShell is designed to exactly fit your individual ear - providing all-day comfort without the itching or sweating ear muffs can cause.

Inside each eShells' earJack is a miniature loudspeaker that amplifies incoming communications, ensuring you hear every one of your colleague's words. The result? You never need to remove your hearing protection to enjoy normal phone or radio conversations, even in dangerously loud noise.

  • Perfect understanding of radio/phone conversations in noise
  • Transmission of speech, not surrounding sounds
  • Fully modular - click out eShells to change Serenity systems
  • Static (passive) hearing protection
  • Custom-molded eShells
  • Different acoustic filters available