Covert Transductive communication systems

Phonak's profilo system consists of the profilo covert radio earpiece and a special transductive profilo loop. Unlike conventional covert systems, this loop transmits the user's radio output over a far higher frequency than base-band audio frequencies, making frustrating interference a thing of the past.

profilo earpiece

This miniature covert radio earpiece combines transductor technology with Phonak's powerful Digital Signal Procession (DSP) chip.

  • Interference free
  • Perfect user comfort
  • Housing based on Phonak's proven phonito Intra & phonito Digital wireless earpieces

The profilo loop

Unlike conventional covert systems, profilo's loop transmits the radio's signal output on a much higher frequency than base-band audio frequencies

  • Discreet
  • Detachable
  • With integrated microphone

The profilo wireless Push To Talk (PTT) unit

The profilo wireless Push To Talk (PTT) unit is comfortable to use and highly discrete.

  • Mute function & toneboard
  • Battery check feature
  • Fully waterproof

The profilo junction box

Designed to be used when the wireless PTT is lost or damaged.

  • Parallel PTT
  • Integrated into wiring junction box

The 2-key profilo PTT

A light, 2-key PTT that ensures perfect user comfort.

  • Large top button used as normal PTT
  • Red emergency button
  • Compatible with all professional radios

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