Covert Inductive Communication Systems

Phonak's phonito covert earpieces have become the industry's inductive standard thanks to their superior sound performance and solid reliability. They are available with a range of covert kits, loops and accessories to guarantee total discretion and ease-of-use.

phonito Nano

Phonito has long been established as the industry’s covert radio earpiece of choice. Thanks to its uniquely comfortable form factor and exceptional audio clarity, the name Phonito has become a byword for operational excellence and trust. Just like our customers however, at Phonak we are never satisfied. Following the success of Phonito Intra and Phonito Digital, our engineers have worked to boost inductive covert communications to the next level in order to fit more advanced technology into an ever smaller and more ergonomic design. The result is Phonito Nano – a new standard of covert earpiece.

  • Ultimate Discretion
    Phonito Nano redefines miniature, measuring almost 20 % smaller than our previous Phonito Digital earpiece.
  • Crystal-Clear Performance
    The next-generation audio chip inside Phonito Nano enhances audio clarity and speech intelligibility to provide performance that easily surpasses that of any other inductive earpiece.
  • Full Focus
    Thanks to its passive coil technology and new Hybrid chip, Phonito Nano vastly reduces frustrating interference.
  • More Comfort
    With its reduced form factor and highly ergonomic shape, Nano offers an even more comfortable and secure in-ear fit.
  • Better Background
    With Phonito Nano ‘ground noise’ has been carefully optimized; it is quiet enough not to distract but identifiable enough that every user knows their radio status.

phonito Intra

Featuring improved electronic components over the original phonito and a perfect in-the-ear fit.

  • Phonak’s joint-smallest inductive receiver
  • Anatomically optimized for perfect fit and complete discretion
  • Innovative wax-guard system simplifies use and maintenance

phonito Standard

The classic phonito earpiece, featuring automatic squelch and noise filters.

  • Defines the standard for inductive receivers
  • All critical functions controlled via high-tech integrated circuit
  • When used with a Phonak covert kit, allows users to receive messages without being noticed or overheard

Single Loop

The Phonak single loop transmits a radio's audio signal into a homogenous magnetic field within the region of the user's ears. This loop unit allows complete freedom of movement and truly wireless communications.

  • Easily detachable for quick disconnection
  • Various lengths available
  • Easy to conceal

Shoulder harness

Phonak harnesses are made from high-quality, hard-wearing yet soft leather, which allows the harness to adapt perfectly to the user's body shape.

  • - Custom fit
  • - Easy access to covert wireless set accessories for quick deployment
  • - Available in various sizes and left- or right-hand models

Push To Talk switches

Phonak PTTs are manufactured using the highest-quality material.

  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to repair
  • Highly reliable

miniMic MM6/MM7 microphones

These quality lapel microphones are built from anodized aluminum and high-grade plastic. They include easy-to-select directional and omni-directional modes, and can be used with any of the covert earpieces above.

  • Phantom power supply option (MM6)
  • Clear voice signals
  • No RF interference with digital radio equipment (e.g. TETRA)

Dyplex is pleased to be a full line Phonak distributor. For detailed information on their products and services please visit their website of contact a Dyplex staff member to assist you.