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Phonak's invisity is the smallest in-ear RF receiver in the world. Super-comfortable and offering excellent sound quality, this popular invisible earpiece is perfectly suited to situations in which clear information is vital, and discretion and freedom of movement a necessity.

invisity RF receiver

invisity is the smallest in-the-ear radio receiver in the world and available in flex and 4-channel versions.

invisity flex

This model uses a single channel (7 MHz range), however users are able to change this invisible earpiece's frequency by contacting their Phonak dealer or using the invisity programming unit or IPU (see below). The remainder of the invisity flex's parameters are non-adjustable.

invisity 4-channel

This invisity features 4 programmable channels, again utilizing the 7 MHz range. The 4-channel invisity comes bundled with the invisity remote control, which allows the invisible earpiece user to flick quickly between pre-set channels. Frequencies can be reprogrammed using the invisity programming unit (IPU) and 4-channel users can also alter the invisity's audio level and other settings.

  • Ultra-discrete
  • Programmable
  • Totally unique

invisity programming unit (IPU)

The invisity programming unit (or IPU) is used to reprogramme the earpiece's frequency and is supplied with a USB cable and PC installation software.

Simply insert either invisity model into the IPU and the IPU will immediately identify this product and display its last-programmed data. Depending on the invisible earpiece inserted (invisity flex or 4-channel), this receiver's frequencies and other parameters can then be configured.

  • Simple software
  • Quick to install
  • Easy to use in any situation

invisity remote control

This handheld keyring-style device is used to switch between the 4-channel invisity's pre-programmed frequencies. It features an integrated LED battery light, is fully waterproof, and can be programmed simultaneously with the invisity earpiece.

  • Discreet
  • Reprogrammable
  • Waterproof

invisity case

Two custom-designed, waterproof invisity safety cases are available. The first has been designed to hold a single invisity receiver and its associated accessories, while the second can hold a full set of 4 invisity units.

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