Condor by Phonak offers small teams of professionals instant and secure intercom radio communication without having to push to talk. This wireless full-duplex system is highly durable and licence-free, allowing teams of professionals to enjoy encrypted hands-free encrypted communication.

Condor full-duplex wireless intercom radio system

Condor is designed for use by up to six team members, who can talk and listen naturally, at the same time, without having to press a PTT button. An unlimited number of additional colleagues can also listen in via the system's closed network.

The complete Condor system consists of several portable transceivers and the user’s choice of Phonak headset (see Systems above), including Phonak's Serenity DPC+ hearing protection headset for use in high noise environments.

Condor is usable straight out of the box, does not require a base station and multiple Condor groups can operate in the same area without interference.

  • Wireless intercom radio system
  • Full-duplex 'talk & listen' (no PTT's)
  • Secure encrypted communications
  • No licences, no basestation
  • Up to 6 users (w/unlimited listeners)
  • 3 system configurations available