What are Technical Surveillance Countermeasures?

TSCM - and the security process commonly known as Sweep - delivers you the confidence of a secure environment, eliminates threat of unauthorized interception of your private information.

Why the need for TSCM Sweeps?

Today's technology makes it easy for unscrupulous individuals to compromise your privacy and threaten unauthorized disclosure of your private information - personal or corporate - that can affect you in a variety of devastating ways.

Why choose the Dyplex TSCM Group?

For over 25 years, and as licensed supplier of restricted goods, advanced technology and services to the Government of Canada, other provincial Law Enforcement groups and Ministries, Dyplex has been trusted with Interception of Private Communications.

Dyplex has lead the Canadian marketplace in the highly specialized field of Electronic Surveillance and Counter Measures.

The Dyplex TSCM Group Difference.

The Major difference - at Dyplex we are veterans with the most current technology.

Dyplex' TSCM Group - led by Al Doubrough, 27-year O.P.P. Criminal Investigator veteran of SIO (Surreptitious Investigative Operations) including 10 years with Headquarters Technical Support Bureau - is a dedicated team of professionals with years of experience and expertise in covert electronics.

Al's team includes Police Technical and Electronics veterans and is backstopped by Al's track record as Electronic Engineering Technologist at Pearson Int'l Airport and special designation: Court Expert, Law Enforcement Technical Surveillance Countermeasures.

Dyplex' clients expect - and receive- the highest possible security available today.

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To Book Your Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Sweep:

Contact Dyplex Communications Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Group today:

(416) 675-2002 x303 or email adoubrough@dyplex.com.

A member of the Dyplex TSCM Group will address your concerns and work with you on a solution .


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