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Dyplex offers a wide range of law enforcement products. Some products are listed on our site while other suppliers can be accessed by using the menu to the left. Please note that Dyplex Communications carries products considered secure or restricted. To access a list of these products please Contact us.

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Tactical Headset Systems Atlantic Signal

Welcome to North America’s largest selection of custom tactical communications.

GLADIATOR H Atlantic Signal


GLADIATOR V Atlantic Signal


MH180H Tactical Headset Atlantic Signal

The MH180H is our latest design and most popular among operators. It features a stainless steel frame, on a horizontal plane, granting an operator the choice of having the headset custom built with the waterproof/noise canceling microphone on the left or right side of the face (when positioned on the face). This distinct feature provides the advantages associated with a boom microphone, while having the mic installed on the appropriate side of the face, opposite the stock of a long weapon - ensuring an unobstructed cheek weld.

MH180V Tactical Headset Atlantic Signal

The MH180V Tactical Headset is the world's only tactical bone conduction headset offering the operator a choice from one of four differing lengths (S-XL) of vertical, stainless steel, head frame to ensure a secure and comfortable personal fit. To attain additional stability, a fully adjustable nylon and Velcro, head strap is included. The distinctive design of the MH180V also allows the operator to position the waterproof, noise canceling boom microphone on the left or right side of the face ensuring an unobstructed cheek weld when using a long weapon.

MH180S Tactical Sniper Headset Atlantic Signal

The MH180S Tactical Sniper Headset was specifically designed for snipers. Rather than making a sniper attempt to achieve a secure cheek weld with a headset that provides little, if any, unobstructed access for doing so, we designed the MH180S with a radically reduced, low-profile, side stabilizer bar on the non-microphone side of the headset.

Dominator Atlantic Signal

Next Generation Tactical Communications Suite

J-ALERT Dyplex Communications

Get instant notification of signal jamming

J-ALERT Signal Jamming Detector
Otto Communications Otto Engineering

For over 20 years OTTO has been designing and manufacturing communications accessories, specializing in mission-critical equipment for the two-way radio market.

Profilo Phonak

Covert Transductive communication systems

Phonito Phonak

Covert Inductive Communication Systems

Invisity Phonak

One-way communication systems

Serenity DPC+ Phonak

Serenity DPC+ combines electronic level-dependent hearing protection with a sturdy integrated radio/phone communication headset. Now featuring plus-level (+) technology for enhanced listening comfort.

Serenity SPC Phonak

Serenity SPC is a static (passive) hearing protection system with built-in radio/phone communication, designed for use in the most demanding of constant-noise environments.

Serenity DP+ Phonak

Serenity DP+ is a dynamic (or 'active') hearing protection system that features level-dependent electronic sound reduction. It is an ideal choice for users who are regularly exposed to fluctuating levels of loud noise. Now featuring plus-level (+) technology for enhanced listening comfort.

Serenity SP Phonak

Serenity SP is a fully modular, static (passive) hearing protection system. Comfortable to wear the whole day yet robust enough for heavy industrial use, Serenity SP offers multiple attenuation (noise reduction) filters for use in environments with different noise levels.

Serenity Classic Phonak

Serenity Classic is a static (passive), custom molded ear protection system that is designed to suit the most rugged work environments.

Primero DPC+ Phonak

Primero DPC+ is Phonak’s breakthrough radio headset with dynamic (active) level-dependent hearing protection, for use in the very loudest environments. Now featuring plus-level (+) technology for enhanced listening comfort.

ComCom Phonak

ComCom is the ultimate hands-free headset for smartphone and 2-way radio users. It can be used with any smartphone device that features a standard 3.5mm headphone jack (iPhones, Blackberries etc. - see our Compatibility Guide download) and two-way portable radios, which are connected via Phonak’s special 2-inch Push To Talk button.

Condor Phonak

Condor by Phonak offers small teams of professionals instant and secure intercom radio communication without having to push to talk. This wireless full-duplex system is highly durable and licence-free, allowing teams of professionals to enjoy encrypted hands-free encrypted communication.